• Rie Komiya

    Rie Komiya

    Reiki Master

    Rie is originally from Japan and moved to Singapore in 1999. She is a mother of a teenage boy. She is passionate about sharing her experiences and knowledge of Reiki, Kundalini yoga as well as meditation for physical & mental health. They also can be used as effective self-empowerment tools. She discovered the world of Reiki during her transition period, while she felt as if she was in a total darkness and did not feel that she can do anything to find a light of hope. Reiki did not only reduce her stress levelsadness and anxiety tremendously, but also guided her to find effective ways to deal with challenging situations. Reiki brought her more balanced and much healthier life style, as well as courage to move forward. She started practicing Reiki in 2013 and completed her Reiki master teacher training in September 2015 in The Reiki Centre. Rie offers both Japanese and English Reiki workshop and Reiki + Tibetan Singing bowl healing sessions.

    She also teaches Kundalini yoga and meditation. Kundalini yoga is easy, powerful and unique technique. There are not much typical yoga poses we practice in most of the yoga style, and the technique called Kriya is employed. Kriya involves poses, breath technique, meditation and mantra. Each Kriya is effectively structured for specific purpose. Kriya activate and energize all the cells and nerve system in your body. Kundalini yoga gives you opportunity to feel refreshed, energized and inner peace at the end of the session. It is amazing tool to change your habits and take you to next level. It is recommended to both beginners and advanced practitioners. It works very quick and effective, hence busy people can feel the benefit easily too.

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