• Setsuko Yaginuma


    Access Bars® Practitioner / ThetaHealing® Practitioner

    Setsuko is from Japan and has been in Singapore since 2003. She was a career working woman in financial field until 2015.

    During her working time, she had lots of healing and energy working seminars –  Reiki, Thai meditation, Feng shui, Breath work, Holistic massage (ITEC), and Numerology in order to release stress from her working. She found lots of positive changes from those experiences in her life.

    After stopped working, she started to learn ThetaHealing®in Bali and Japan.

    In March 2016, she took ThetaHealing® Instructor seminars from Vianna Stibal who is founder of ThetaHealing® to be Instructor of Basic and Advance DNA .

    She also learnt Acces Bars technique to be Practitioner in Japan, and now she has been doing Access Bars therapy, and got positive feedback from her customer.

    She is also holding qualification as a Mental Psychology Counselor (Japanese Ability Development Promotion Association).

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