• Svetlana


    BodyTalk Practitioner

    Svetlana is originally from Russia. She discovered energy healing when she moved to Singapore in 2012. Since then she studied and practiced a number of energy healing modalities. Svetlana experienced and witnessed a lot of positive changes that energy healing introduced into her own life and the lives of others. Her personal quest is to understand how dis-ease originates and what are the factors leading to it.

    In 2014 Svetlana discovered BodyTalk and it became her energy medicine of choice. Engaging both intuition and knowledge, BodyTalk requires its practitioners to go through a rigorous training and continuous education. Svetlana is a Body Talk Practitioner certified by the International BodyTalk Association.Her approach during a BodyTalk session is based on providing her full attention to and honouring body’s priorities and healing process.


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