• BodyTalk


    BodyTalk – healthcare designed by your body

    What is BodyTalk

    BodyTalk is an innovative healthcare tailor-made for your needs. At the heart of this system is the body’s innate wisdom and ability to heal itself.

    The bodymind always strives towards balance. Communication between the various parts, systems and functions of the bodymind is a critical element for attaining it.

    A combination of stress, built-up emotions, environmental factors and belief systems may lead to a disruption of this communication, manifesting in dis-ease.

    BodyTalk helps to reveal and repair the broken communication pathways, returning the body to its natural ability to heal itself.

    How does BodyTalk work

    Rather than focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk looks for the hidden causes of illness. It recognizes that every dis-ease has its unique story and no two cases are the same. A unique mix of emotional, physical and environmental influences is combined into a life experience of a particular person. The body then takes in this life experience and translates it into its state of health.

    During the BodyTalk session, the practitioner communicates directly with the client’s body to reveal a set of factors that influence it the most. This is done using muscle checking. Once the body highlights its priorities for healing, the practitioner uses light tapping to help the body to re-establish the broken communication flow and to re-balance itself.

    In this way the whole session and subsequent healing is designed and performed by the body itself.

    The BodyTalk practitioner is acting as a facilitator between the client and their body’s innate wisdom.

    Why BodyTalk

    • attending to your health and well-being in a natural way
    • non-invasive
    • tailor-made for your needs
    • addressing the root cause of an issue
    • looking at the whole-person (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual aspects)
    • no contraindications and safe to try
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